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Program Management

The overarching goal of the Program Management task is to monitor and manage activities impacting the three basic project metrics: Time, Cost, and Performance.

These basic metrics are comprised of a number of other attributes that then impact the probability of success, and Mission1st's PMI certified Project Management Professionals understand how to monitor, measure, and control them to minimize risk and achieve success.

Ours is an old-fashioned approach to Program Management – NO EXCUSES. When we say success, we mean — on time, on budget, delivering the level and quality of service performance that was agreed upon in the initial project plan.

Program Management Portfolio

•    Total Project Oversight and Quality Assurance/Quality Control
•    Inventory Management and Logistics Support
•    Curriculum Development and Training
•    Technical, Budget and Administrative Support
•    Comprehensive Project Documentation Database through EPM
•    Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
•    Facilities Management
•    Security (Personnel and Physical)
•    PMI-Certified Program/Project Managers
•    Project Planning - From strategic vision, requirements validation, to detailed project plans & WBS
•    Project Metrics - Accurate, detailed performance measurement coupled with Change Management
•    Project Reporting - Simplified Reporting with backing detail, delivering actionable intelligence
•    Project Closeout
•    Acquisition Support
•    Product Evaluation
•    Cost estimating
•    Budget analysis

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