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“…with four successful capabilities packages registered, Mission1st has the expertise and experience to provide secure data-in-transit turn-key solutions.”

Today's Network Centric Warfighter

Protecting mission-critical networks.

Dynamic, secure mobile networking.

Edge Computing.
Improve response times and save bandwidth.

“Leverage our thorough understanding and experience across the Enterprise Gray Implementation and Key Management Requirements Annexes, leading to a more adaptive solution and a streamlined approval process.”

Primary POC
Anthony Frontera, Program Manager
Telephone: (571) 385-4936

Alternate POC
Etani Fisher, Solution Engineer
Telephone: (571) 316-1025


Commercial Solution for Classified (CSfC)

​Mission1st Group, Inc is a CSfC Trusted Integrator with over 5+ years of actual hand-on architectural design, system analysis, integration testing, obtaining certification and accreditation, project-to-operations transition, hands-on training, and information assurance and security.

The Mission1st Advantage

Design Integration Lab

Our System Integration Laboratory (SIL) is virtual representative architecture for rapid prototyping methodology and proof-of-concept adaptation to generate a simulation, emulation, and stimulation (SES) for capability packages, proofing new endpoint devices and better understanding of the overall backend system integration and functionality.

Solution, Design and Architecture (SD&A)

Responsive to requirements, design an adaptive solution applicable to CSfC Capability Packages and Requirements Annexes.  Provide candidate proof-of concept and/or prototype to demonstrate required security functionality prior to solution development.


Integration and Solution Deployment (I&SD)

Configuration and testing of components to ensure compliance to capability package requirements and adherence to the cybersecurity governance within the risk management framework (RMF) process.

Assessment and Authorization (A&A)

Solution assessment of implementation and effectiveness of controls in terms of risk and compliance across the tiers: Tier 1–Organization, Tier 2–Mission Process, and Tier 3–Information System.

Achieving CSfC Authorization to Operate (ATO)

Mission1st is a vetted industry leading CSfC Trusted Integrator providing secure end-to-end data-in-transit engineering support. Leverage our years of experience, design integration, architecture development, validation of system designs, and cybersecurity knowledge to accelerate the adoption of your CSfC-compliant solution.

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